Sunday, April 30, 2006

Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe...

... too bad for the murdered non-idigenous white farmers and poor starving people of Zimbabwe, that Mugabe does not fit the "profile"

Thursday, April 27, 2006

fait d'accompli

So far I have considered my blog to be somewhat anonymous and thus I have written with a bit of "attittude" - yes, yes I am very self-aware! ;-) This morning I spoke to my Advisor from graduate school - the most learned man, the most enlightened soul, the foremost academic - who garners my great respect. He told me he read my blog - my pulse sped - this learned published academic who approved my doctoral dissertation - and now he is reading my little blog! But he said he was proud of me because he could read the words beneath and he encouraged me to keep using the words to challenge, to ask, to learn , to live ... fearlessly

Here are the words for today - 3 years ago the "mission was accomplished" and now there is a hotbed of terrorists - so what mission was actually accomplished? Whose mission was accomplished? Where has the self-righteous, truth-telling media been? Why are some lives more important than others? And if the message is from god to strike a nation causing tens of thousands of dead civilians as collatoral damage - what a weak, cruel, pathetic, bigot of a god. Certainly not the Creator of the Universe?!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

devil, don't you know you are as beautiful as an angel

A friend today suggested I change the tripple 6 in my phone number ... my laughing response in the words of G. Leopardi, "devil, don't you know you are as beautiful as an angel?" :-)

It's the begining of the end of the Enron debacle.
Lay lays the blame on everyone - the media, Fastow, the gardener, the pool man, the immigant grocer, the Iranians, and even Tom Cruise ... well sort of - but hey I am sure Lay does not mind a "slight" veering from the truth ...

SI Model, May Anderson was denied entry to the US due to assualting a flight attendant! What? Models misbehaving? Does that really happen!

Was listening to a song called "Stupid" by Sarah McLachlan. I enjoy music much but rarely pay attention to words of songs - so you can imagine my indignance when I found myself singing along to words I would never ever utter!
"how stupid could I be
a simpleton can see
that you'are no good for me
but you are the only one i see"

very stupid indeed.... ! ;-)

As for Nepal - great news! Today, instead of protests, tens of thousands marched peacefully in Kathmandu on a
"victory rally", waving party flags, cheering and chanting slogans. Protestors died earlier this week - shot ruthlessly. So - who is the freedom fighter? The armed soldier or the unarmed civilan? And does this same definition apply everywhere? does not - there are places in this world, where an unarmed people trying to defend a home against soliders in tanks are branded terrorists ... all self-serving perspectives.

Friday, April 21, 2006

walking in my own shoes

Looking good is important - and feeling good is even more important - but to aid that desirable aim, it is necessary to dress the part and act the part and feel the part ....

All good ... so today is Friday, a perfect day to sport a summer dress: brown and teal summer dress. I matched it wtih teal earrings and teal bracelet ... all good ... now the shoes - I thought why not a brownish number?

all good ... then at 2:00 PM after a busy morning at the office I was preparing to go to the next meeting when I casually glanced at my feet ... my right foot had shoes that matched my outfit - my left foot had shoes that matched my outfit - all good ... except that the left and right
shoes were not matching.

I stared in utter disbelief and mild shock at the two mismatched shoes - until I just had to burst out laughing! Hey looking good is great but feeling good is everything!

Do have a fantastic weekend!

Oh it's been too long...

I know, I know ... and here I am ready to take it on again! Besides there is something about absence making the blog grow fonder and such ...

How are you? Well so much to say - and it is all good! I would like to say I have been to some exotic island in the sun ... but that makes it no easier for you ...

How about our heckler on the grounds of the White House? BusHu? who? What? Free speech or nuisance? Both; it was free speech and it was such a nuisance that
apologies had to carried out. Similar incident was avoided recently in the UK by curtaining the Chinese contingent from the public. Preemptive policy. Selective democracy ...

This incidence was of-course blacked out by Chinese television and the main newsprint will not be mentioning it. But that is ok. Iraq ... oh that is another matter - it's an Arab country you see - different standards for dealing with different non-democracies - preemtive measures work with those Arabs ... clearly

Is "selective democracy" democracy at all? In dictatorial regimes (Zim Zim), there are "selective" people who enjoy democracy greatly and are free to do as they please

Now what about dear Berlusconi? Oh - he no longer is "newsworthy" - "proding" on then

Ah - so Nepal‘s king vowed Friday to
return power to the people of this Himalayan kingdom after weeks of massive protests and increasing international pressure - this after he authorized that protesters (14) be killed at gunpoint. How gracious!

Then there is the personal charmer of the decade, Donald Rumsfeld. Did you know that in 1971 he was dubbed "the Rumsfeld Problem" because he wanted troops withdrawn from the quagmire that was Vietnam? Yes indeed. The Rumsfeld problem is quite a differnt one now ... oh politics! (though I must maintain that disorganized withdrawal will mushroom to spiraling havoc)

Oh and Russia today offered its most outspoken support yet of the controversial nuclear programme in Iran, its
neighbour and trading partner . Mmmhhh...

To end on a lovely note, the
Queen of England turned 80 today - bless! Her gifts included a 21-gun salute, a Union Jack baseball cap, a tea set and a birthday tribute from Prince Charles to his "darling mama ". Bless!

I must say I have been a fan of Prince Charles for ags, ever since he declared himself the defender of "faiths" as opposed to of any one religion. That is inclusive and princely ... and clearly true love is key to him. Bless!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Blatantly Ballack

Ballack is Germany's star man - and rumor has it that he is looking for a cash-based move to Chelsea. Hah! Is that not what most moves are based on anyway? The thing with Chelsea (and I say this objectively as opposed to lifelong a United fan), they are so deep in each of their positions, that being a star player does not guarantee field time. I am sure he knows this, so I don't need to worry about it! :-)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

There is no tip ... like a stock tip

So today, the FBI arrested Eugene Plotkin, 26, a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. analyst, and his friend from college, Stanislav Shpigelman, 23, an analyst at Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.'s mergers and acquisitions division - for a $6.7 million insider trading conspiracy. The FBI also arrested Juan Renteria, a 20-year-old Milwaukee resident accused of working as a forklift operator at Quad/Graphics Inc. so he could steal early copies of Business Week magazine before it was released to the public. The insider trading case was discovered by regulators who noticed unusually high trading volume before a merger announcement. A closer look showed that a 63-year-old retired seamstress in Croatia — the aunt of one of the defendants — had made more than $2 million.

Oh seamstressing and stocks! And I thought sea shells was a profitable business!

And relatives of a militant on death row for his role in the 2002 Bali bombings have told prosecutors they will not seek clemency on his behalf, clearing the way for the state to execute him, because Imam Samudra has already said he wants to die. Idiot! Why did he not want to die before murdering those 202 people? Bloody conscienceless idiot!

By the way - talking of shells and conscience, I have decided to re-engineer my blogging ways - i.e. create separate and organized blogs instead of one brimming in unorganized eccleticisms ... will keep you posted - and good to see you as always! :-)

Fantastic day here - sunny, breezy, beautiful!


Sunday, April 9, 2006

Manchester United vs. Arsenal

Oh what a splendid match! Today's game was a must win for both United and Arsenal - but in the face of a worthy opponent, United won the day. After the first half, the score was 0-0 and tension prevailed throughout the world of United fans.

The ref, Graham Poll was an Arsenal player in disguise, and faled ot see the Arsenal handball - no red card no penalty.

But United are champions in spirit and at the 54th minute, Silvestre took control of the ball from the far left and shot it straight to Rooney's foot - and Rooney's instict was to score the first goal. Elation. At the 76th minute, the hard working, dedicated servant of United, Ji-Sung Park scored with an assist from the formidable Rooney.

Man of the Match was Rooney - desrvering - but Silvestre was no less Man of the Match for it was his crucial pass that defined the game.

Read match analysis here

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Tuesday Theologe

The conference was fantastic!
Our presentation was fantastic. I can't help being fantastic - it's just what I am :-)

At the luncheon, the President of the University made mention that there are many, in fact most, in this world who do not have strong guidance or love or family support to take on the world. They struggle and often their future is unfulfilled. Few are lucky to be empowered, and thus must do their part to empower.

It moved me greatly - though I need never be reminded that the dazzle is due to the confidence embued in me by my father, mother, and brother. I never forget it - that the credit of what I consider so fantastic, so dazzling - this unconditional confidence - belongs to them.

Complete & most humble gratitude to the Creator of the Universe

Monday, April 3, 2006

monday miata

...just found out about a place called "Arab" in Alabama. i am besides myself in wonder! how is it pronounced "Ay - rab" or "Ar-ab"? ... this even beats "Humble, Texas".
in fact, now that i think of it - there is a place called "Palestine, Texas"! i ask you - if this is not inclusionism and diversity in the brotherhood of man - what is? :-) ;-)

... US Senate majority leader Bill Frist is hopeful that a full vote in the upper house would clear a comprehensive immigration reform bill that includes provisions for hefty increases in the work visas mainly availed by Indian IT professionals - oh those smart Asians taking on the world! :-)

...once or twice a month, 70-year-old Dr. Miriam McCrear, who has come out of retirement, takes a 45-minute flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to perform abortions at the last clinic in the state willing to offer the procedure. "I want every child that's born, to be born into a family that wants a child. pro-freedom, one might say?

... a US high school marching band has been banned from taking part in a London festival - because it's too dangerous. "What happens if kids get on a train that blows up? We don't have trains blowing up in America," said Herb Wiseman, high school consultant. Bob Bone, the parade's executive director, said: "Here is an educator that seems to delight in the knowledge that he is ignorant of the facts. London is not a city under siege." what in the world is a high school consultant?

... I am reading "the art of scientific innovation - cases of classical creativity" ... just exercising my freedom

... Russian police officers are being given etiquette lessons following complaints about their rude behaviour. Course teacher Smoren Dubroev said, "I will also teach the them about poetry, literature, art, music and dance to make them more cultured and will show them how important good manners are at the dinner table." how sweet - perhaps i should lend them my book on "cases of classical creativity"?!

... a Dutch inventor has developed a digital gravestone with an LCD display showing pictures and films. The tombstone has an infrared sense which activates the display when anybody stands in front of the grave. the body may perish but the ego never dies!

.... David Beckham has admitted that he suffers from
obsessive compulsive disorder. Mrs Beckham, recently told one interviewer: "He's got that obsessive compulsive thing where everything has to match. If you open our fridge, it's all co-ordinated down either side. We've got three fridges - food in one, salad in another and drinks in the third. In the drinks one, everything is symmetrical. If there's three cans, he'll throw one away because it has to be an even number." suggested solution from a doctor with no medical qualifications whatsoever: use just one fridge

my magnificent monday ... and other short stories

...yesterday i watched "V for Vendetta" - it is magnificent and oh i am inspired. it touched on what is close to my heart - the concept that true freedom comes from fearlessness - and without fearlessness there is no freedom. It also showcased the helplessness and inhumanity that is created when people are too afraid of a fear-mongering government to stand up to the truth while the media is the kept mistress of the government ... much more on this later it rained and i was very happy because my car needed a wash anyway celebrate the fact that i am beautiful, i wore purple with matching earrings celebrate my humilty i looked for the usual church message boards on the way to work - for guidance - I was met with, "egg hunt on Sunday at noon" super! i love eggs for Sunday brunch

...i received a package at the office - i did not wish to accept it - and it was only right to return to sender, but i could not be bothered to make the effort to go the post office - so i gave it away

...when i returned home, i received 2 pacakges - they reminded me of what truly matters in my life and what i love the most. they simply caused my heart to somersault and my smile to light up the night sky ... and i kid you not, thunder and lightning followed. coincidence - i think not!

... i have a conference presentation tomorrow and the dress code is red - if you remember, i never wear red on Tuesdays ... mmmh what to do? reschedule the whole conference?

... had dinner plans at a lovely latin restaurant with colleagues and friends - but had to work - on the conference presentation ... there is just nothing more to say on this sad state of affairs

... Prime Minister Tony Blair launched the Serious Organized Crime Agency, modeled on the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, to fight underworld syndicates. The Prime Minister warned major criminals: "We will make life hell for you as you have made life hell for other people. We will have the powers to come after you, to get you, to put you in jail and even after you leave jail, to make sure that you are subject to financial restrictions for a long, long time to come." well now that is in order, i can leave the handling of the underworld syndicates with the FBI and SOCA and continue to sell sea shells by the sea shore

Adios for now - back to my conference presentation ... which would ideally be entitled the "super success
in selling sea shells by the sea shore" ... but alas ...

Soca River, Slovenia

Saturday, April 1, 2006

No April Foolin' with Man U

Bolton scored the first goal and I froze - as did every United fan - yes indeed for the next 6 minutes - till Saha won the day with the most spectacular left footed goal. Worthy of United. But a draw is not good enough when we are still fighting for a spot on the top of the Premiership Table. Second half, into 60 minutes and as expected Ruud was substituted in - but surprisingly for Fetcher and not Saha. Imagine it - Saha, Ruud, Rooney, Ronaldo! It would be a crime not to score, so Ruud scored with an assist from Saha. 2-1 victory for United. Ruud's 150th goal for Manchester United and his 20th Premiership goal this season. Ronaldo and Rooney were classic and helped keep possesson, along with Neville, Giggs, O'Shea, Fletcher, Vidic - and the undoubtable Van der Saar.

Manchester United is heart!