Friday, July 13, 2007

... precarious ...

... my drink of choice is diet coke with lime ... thus I was carrying one into the office in preparation for a long day of paper writing. The can fell and the bottom bulged out. It will not stand, so the open can is perched against the wall and speaker, ready to fall and soak my desk of papers any moment! ... precarious ...

... chocolate covered orange peel sets my blood on fire ... that is precarious for the blood, wouldn't you say? There is a love poem in every packet - if you ask me, it's a bit off - even precarious to one who is reciting it
... went running yesterday, 5 miles on trail, along a lake, through fields of wild flowers and steep hills - nothing precarious about that - however, afterwards, due to lack of cool water in the vicinty, I indulged in 2 sips of non-alchoholic beer ... now that was bloody precarious! ... the Beckhams are in town. David was dead to me when he left Manchester United. And apparantly Victoria is a load of laughs ... perhaps not quite precarious, but certainly hilarious ...

... media mogul Conrad Black convicted ... whoa ... notorious ...!

... North Korea wants to talk to "belligerent US" ... yikes ... egregious ...?

... bangawoyo! That's the friendly greeting in Korean. Talking of which, did you know that "mung mung" is the Korean equivalent to "woof woof"? .. curious ...

... and OH! Friday the 13th! ... my how nefarious! ...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This is Zimbabwe

Have you heard of the phrase - TIA - This is Africa?

From the age of 5 to 17, I grew up in Zimbabwe. It was beautiful (it still is), prosperous, vibrant – a heaven on earth. Zimbabwe is a former British colony which gained its independence in 1980 and at that time the gallant freedom fighter and new leader, Comrade Mugabe, inspired its people to live together, black and white and brown, as one people. And then after a decade of paradise (incidentally just as I left to study abroad) power and greed seeped into every core of Mugabe. He, along with his blood thirsty inhumane cronies, destroyed the country by falsely promoting the notion of “land redistribution”. They practised racism, inhumanity, and injustice at their heights. And the world watched – but let’s not blame the West only. How about other African countries? They gave Mugabe their silent support. In particular, the South African premier, Mbeki, he who does not believe in AIDS, seems to empathize with Mugabe. (cartooon from:

The group Dispatch is holding a 3 day concert at Madison Square Garden this weekend for Zimbabwe. Here is a 4 minute documentary on the current state of Zimbabwe. It is worth watching – heartbreaking and breathtaking.

On Tuesday I went running with the running club. There was a 3 mile and 7 mile run; naturally I went with the 3 mile route. I thought I was doing just fine until a lady with a limp and a 67 year old man overtook me. Here is a picture of part of the route - hey at least I kept under the sped limit.

In humanity and humilty,


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Deficiencies of I …

My deficiencies are considerable – I could state at least one for every day I have lived. The major one is my ego – the part of me which needs and feeds to no end. And ironically for no purpose. It just needs to need. I can look back at many entries on this blog and clearly see my ego at work. I needed to regroup my Being.

Some years ago, when I was working on my doctorate and trying to make ends meet, I felt so stressed that one day I had enough. I read of books by sages of the world. It was a miracle for me. I surrendered to the universe and nature – if the universe can run in perfect order, there is reason for me to worry. I became so humble and so centered and so happy. I stopped worrying – and I won scholarships, and my world just fell into place. I don’t how – but it is true.

Then I became absorbed again. In finding the right job, in trying to assert my own independence, in trying to prove myself right. Humility and surrender were replaced by my impatience at wanting everything my way at my time. I do not think I was a bad person – but I was hardly fearless, hardly ambitious (at least not for the right things), hardly bold. I was unaware.

But the universe reminded me with ferocity - so after many moons here I am – a work in progress – in absolute humility, with total faith in love, such awe of the universe, unrelenting hope that I live the fearlessness of my fantasies.

Oh, how have you been fearless bloggers? It's been awhile - but I am excited be back in the blog mix with my bloggers! Did you know there is a place called “Truth or Consequnces” in New Mexico? Isn’t that grand? This summer I am teaching one class and working with some students. And this summer is going to be the best summer of my life – because whatever happens, my ego is denied. I am alive – and oh so grateful. "Dear Ego - you are hereby relieved, love Nazli."

Caco and Maliha have written some beauteous things to me in their comments - I don’t know what they see in me – but in reading them, I can only strive to be. Thank you!

See you tomorrow.

With much warmth,


This is a picture of Chickies Rock (click to enlarge) - I love the stars and the moons and skies - but the beauty this earth leaves me breathless!