Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Surfin' on a Rocket

Here is a piece of art. Certainly knowing English is empowering; enabling one to communicate and integrate into a "new" world. But to insist that English is the language of the US is Cherokee to me. So much for Geno's Steak in Philly; “This is AMERICA: WHEN ORDERING ’PLEASE SPEAK ENGLISH.”’

The Democratic Debate has just taken place on MSNBC. Kucinich says he has seen UFOs - people laughed. Yet when satellites "see" weapons of mass destruction we go to war and kill countless people.

According to the viewer polls, Obama did well. By the way, Barak Obama is equally white as he is black.
Evolution is just a theory ... so is the theory based on which we surf on rockets; gravity ... I don't know where I stand without gravity

Faith is no theory ... it's sheer hope ... I don't know what I am without hope

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Sunderings ... on "the pile"

It's the weekend, and I am sitting at the office with a pile of work that I must do - my dismissive stares and eye-rolling sighs do not magically diminish the pile. In fact, lest my eyes deceive me, it is growing taller. I've put them in neat folders so as to create some order in the pollution of lists and notes and agendas. There is even a folder that reads, "SCMA"; I cannot recall what that stands for ...

In any case, I come upon my much neglected blog, only to find some bloody comment spamming. I was momentarily orange with indignance (partially because I am wearing an orange colored jacket), but my "pile" distracted me and left me kinda blue ...

This is hardly what I would call my normal level of "Sunday Sundering" ... but forgive my self-indulgence for one more paragraph before I light up in brilliance and tell you my stance on Iran and Turkey and the state of Democratic Congress. It's the end of October, the leaves leave me breathless in their colorful wonder ... we went to a breathtaking canyon that overlooked paradise
The rapid drop in temperature, along with a desperately busy week, the absolute need to drop off to bed; the eyes, heavier than clamps; and that fevered feeling, has left me with that foreboding feeling that I am about to be sick ... very sick (but that could just be "the pile").

Iran sits itself betwixt Afghanistan and Iraq and Turkey; Turkey borders Iraq and Iran. So in the current state of world affairs all I can say is, "I ran away from the turkey, which had been caught in a rack; this year there's beef for Thanksgiving." Now if you did not find that funny - blame it on "the pile".