Monday, December 21, 2009

the ideal face ...

...this report by Canadian researchers have coined the term "the golden ratio" to define beauty - in women

the report finds that average women fall within the golden range, yet Angelina Jolie does not (well she is not average, but she is certainly beautiful to most eyes)

Shania Twain measures up to this golden ratio (vertical distance between the eyes and mouth, and horizontal distance between the eyes).  Shania is indeed beautiful, but i don't buy the conclusion of the study

beauty is so assorted, so cultured, so subjectified, so intangible, that a numeric value of parts of the whole, do beauty no justice.

... incidentally, all the subjects were white, which, in my opinion, further speaks to the limited conclusivity of the study since the other races are more representative of the world

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Lady GaGa rocks, kids! Jiving to the nonsensical but heart-beating "Alejandro" while pulling an allnighter writing my lecture & paper (the aforementioned deadline).

the illogic of logic

I have a deadline - and therefore I procrastinate.  The logic? Non-existent.  Much logic is often over-rated in my opinion.  Unlike alliteration - all alliterations are always awesome, albeit aggravating.  Anyway, I came across this note I had written, possibly for posterity, when I was rummaging through my inbox - for no purpose other than neglecting the said deadline:

"The confinement of religion defies the purpose of religion – which is to evoke in humanity in its entirety, a personal guide to the source of the universe."

It is true and it is false, and thus defies logic.  Or does it?

As for the deadline, since when is a line that is dead of any use to anyone?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

it's deceptive ...

does "deceptively comfortable" mean
it is comfortable, even though one would not normally think so?
it is not comfortable, even though it appears to be?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

'need you now,' Lady Antebellum

this is a good song - when I first heard the lyrics, it sounded inane and without substance.  However, while burning the midnight oil, preparing for lectures beyond midnight, it's a good song to have playing in the background.  Because the lyrics fade to the strength of the tune.

p.s. ante bellum translates to "before the war" ... was there ever such a time? only nella fantasia

Thursday, November 12, 2009

toodle-oo Lou, you 'tough guy' you

so long, adieu
bid you farewell Lou
you made my blood boil
our opinions like water and oil
but that's just middle class smack for you

Monday, January 5, 2009

Loss of Human Lives Humanity

How could this be justified in the name of anything? Every person has the inherent right to life - irrespespective of which side of the fence they are born. Any argument about rights to land does not compare to the right to live - "tonight thank god it's them instead of you."

On a different note, here are some clear and present dangers to social networking ... MySpace and Twitter - though it is not just a danger for teenagers - plently of adults and professionals post pictures and comments online that would be of concern to prospective employers and partners. When we post online, weare revoking privacy.

Song of the week: Kate Perry's "Hot N Cold"