Monday, September 13, 2010

Islamaphobia/ Xenophobia ... hello fear-ridden world!

In the midst of a hurricane-speed few years it takes hurricane-force indignation at world affairs to drag me to the blogosphere to air my views.  However the foaming dementia of the so-called Ground Zero Mosque, International Koran-Burning Day and the current rise (or resurfacing) of ugly Islamaphobia (a word that is not even a recognized word by MS Office) has churned up enough indignant concern to do just that.

So to Muslims and Islamaphobes of the world:

1.  Get over it - Islam and Muslims are here to stay - Koran-burning and angry feet-stomping vehemence will not make this world religion disappear.  It makes you as uncivilized and angry as you claim "they" are.  Get over it and focus on living your own day in peace and prosperity and love and laughter, because tomorrow is not promised to you.

2.  Muslims, stop having riots and killing each other and dancing about in pent up anger because of what other crazy people are doing or saying about your religion.  Get over it! You are as crazy as the Islamaphobes in your reactions.  Be proactive and gracious, not reactionary and uncivilized.  Through peaceful action and peaceful words you will carry the banner of Islam. 

3.  Christians - what would Jesus do?  I have not met him, but from what I know of him, he would light up the world with warmth and forgiveness and greatness.  He would not be seething, disparaging and denigrating with fear and intolerance.  I believe he would say "I love you, neighbor."

4. Muslims - pick up your Hadith;  what would The Prophet Muhammed do?  I have not met him, but from what I know of him, he would light up the world with warmth and forgiveness and greatness.  He would not be jum[img about in anger or retaliation by killing others.  I believe he would say, "peace be upon you, brother/ sister."

5.  Yes the abhorrent devils of the 9/11 terrorists considered themselves Muslims.  But their actions are not representative of Islam. Much like the priests who molest toddlers and children - they consider themselves of Christ, yet their actions are not representative of Christianity.  It's convenient to mask your Islamaphobia under that brand, but it is counterproductive and ignorant.

6.  As for the Muslims - take back your religion.  It was hijacked in the same attacks.  Fight back in definitive actions and words of peace.  One effective way would be to denounce the deranged and oppressive regimes like Saudia Arabia which is equated to Islam and hides behind the flag of oil and Islam - but is the absolute antithesis of Islam ...

7.  A community center that reaches out in goodwill, (there IS currently NO Ground Zero Mosque - though there actually WERE TWO WTC mosques where Muslims, who also perished on 9/11, prayed) is more respectful of the WTC memory than a strip club.  If you are too blinded by hatred to see that, then you must accept that you are indeed an Islamaphobe and ruled by fear - as opposed to faith and humanity.  You are practicing that which you say you hate.

8.  Muslim fathers and husbands, be extra kind to your wives and children.  It is through your actions that you can counteract the abhorrent perversion of Islam practiced in some parts of the world.  The stoning, the killing, the raping, the destroying of womanhood in some Islamic countries are to be loudly denounced.  That's one good reason to go to the streets to rise in anger against such perversion.

Thank goodness for the likes of  John Stewart (Jewish), Keith Olberman (Christian), Mayor Bloomberg (Jewish and Republican), Fareed Zakaria, (Muslim and American) President Bush (Christian and Republican), President Obama (Christian and American) for infusing some rational and obvious dialogue;  they give the world hope in the face of hopeless paranoia.  And they risk unpopularity in the American media to stand up for truth and normalcy.

At the end of the day, when you take your last breath, there is no "us" against "them";  it's just you and your conscience and the life you have lived,  Whatever you conceive of God to be - hopefully God is tolerant and forgiving and gracious and accepting of you - with all your fears, follies and fortitudes.